Wingman Patient Navigation Services

Sometimes medical situations get so intense and complex that you need personal intervention and support. For those situations the Smart Patient Academy Wingman Patient Navigation Service offers Wingman Consulting, a progressively engaging one-on-one patient and caregiver navigation support, care integration assistance, decision support, and advocacy. Your Wingman becomes your indispensable partner throughout the entire spectrum of your patient experience. We have been doing Wingman Consulting for over a decade and have worked on hundreds of cases. Our role is to support you in creating the best outcome possible for you or your loved-one.

As you can imagine, this can become a highly personal and interactive consulting process that includes Jim Skinner himself, his staff and a variety of professionals in the healthcare industry. Each case is customized by complexity, time and scope and we’ll need to talk with you directly about your situation.

To be clear, we are not medical professionals and we do not give medical advice. However, we can help you sort through the options at hand, weigh the pros and cons, and generally assist you in making clear-headed decisions. And we apply the same approach to all aspects of your experience: financial, insurance, or medical.

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"Good afternoon, Jim. Thank you for this great news. It takes a big weight off of our shoulders. We were informed today since he has completed his cochlear implant counsel (selecting the actual implant itself - color accessories, etc.) that the doctor’s office will start the insurance process. Thank you for everything, Heather"


"Doug at 3 week mark after last chemo. Not a great day but he listened to fav music alone all day and by the eve he said he was feeling much better. It has been 7 months, hard to believe that we made it through this far. You and Cary have been so important on this journey. Thank you both from the bottom of our collective hearts for all the input. Must get to bed. Lots of love to all. Gloria"


"All I can say is: OMG! What a huge help!!! So this comes as a heartfelt thank you to you and yours."


"I loved the analogy of Man vs Wild (I am a huge fan of the show as well!) as that perfectly captures the scenario patients are dealing with. The worksheet and exercise is well organized, thought provoking, and certainly valuable to work through. It also indirectly can be very motivating as people work through it because it guides one to an apex. Love it!"


"The Smart Patient Playbook is an excellent, accessible, true to its tagline tool for the layperson and professional to develop high performance care teams. "


"Congratulations on getting your amazing project up and running!"

Dr. Adam

"I've been poring over your curriculum. I'm just in LOVE with it. Particularly the emotional processing pieces. This stuff just makes me gleefully happy. "

Cynthia, PhD

"I really like the direction and think there are some great insights & tools in there.  It's one of the most interesting things I've seen lately. It's aimed straight at the critical "skills gap" that patients must close in order to effectively own their care.  This is an important experiment toward the breakthroughs our health system needs to realize the promise of Person-Centered Care."


"The Smart Patient Academy changed my life, and taught me how to form better relationships with my medical team and my support system around me. Cheers to a happier, healthier life!"

Patient Leader in Cystic Fibrosis Community

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